AIR X Wind Power Turbine Generators for Marine Wind EnergyAIR 403 Wind Power Turbine Generators for Marine Wind EnergyAIR 403 Wind Power Turbine Generators for Marine Wind Energy

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AIR X Wind Power Turbine Generators for Marine Wind Energy

 Creative Energy Technologies Inc:AIR X Wind Power Turbine Generators for Marine Wind Energyergy

 Creative Energy Technologies Inc: AIR 403 Wind Power Turbines Generators for Marine Wind Energy
AIR X Wind Turbine Generator

The best selling wind turbine for the sailboat market has been upgraded with a more powerful alternator, new electronics and a more efficient airfoil and is yet again breaking new production records.

Used in numerous single handed B.O.C races, the AIR marine wind turbine generator has been installed on several vessels in the upcoming Millennium race.

AIR marine wind turbine generator starts producing power at 6 knots and will produce over 400 watts (28 amps) in a 24-knot wind. The new AIR's output is truly impressive. In only ten knots of wind, the turbine will deliver a consistent 2-3 amps and over 8 amps in only 15 knots. Its lightweight and compact design and integrated electronics make it perfect for sailboats of all sizes.

AIR marine wind turbine generator's cast aluminum body and corrosion-resistant powder coated finish offer the cruiser the highest possible quality and reliability in wind turbine design. When taking that next extended voyage, you can be assured the AIR marine wind turbine generator will keep your batteries charged.

AIR marine wind turbine generator Thousands of satisfied customers now own AIR marine wind turbine generators which has made it the best selling wind turbine of all time.

Features Of The AIR Marine Wind Turbine Generator:

  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Sophisticated internal charge controller - Externally adjustable for any type of battery
  • Variable pitch aerolastic carbon matrix blades - Means never having to worry about a runaway wind turbine.
  • Marine quality powder coated aluminum body for maximum corrosion resistance and durability.
  • Tin plated wires for maximum corrosion resistance
  • Anodized hub
  • Upgraded S.S. fasteners specially treated to minimize galvanic reaction
  • Brush-less neodymium cubic curve alternator
  • Safety protection electronics controls voltage and rotor RPM
  • Operates in hurricane winds without attention
  • Maintenance-free - Only two moving parts
  • Auto-brake: Another exclusive feature that automatically slows the AIR to a silent spin when the batteries are charged.

Applications Of The Air Marine Wind Turbine Generator

Choose the new 400 watt AIR Marine turbine generator to satisfy your power needs. With only two moving parts, the New AIR Marine turbine generator is simple to install, easy to use and requires no maintenance.

 Creative Energy Technologies Inc: AIR X Wind Power Turbines Generators for Marine Wind Energy

The New AIR Marine wind turbine generator is capable of supplying power for:

  • Refrigeration
  • Auto-pilot
  • Water Maker
  • Lights
  • Navigational Equipment
  • Communication Equipment

AIR marine wind turbine generator is the number one selling battery charging wind turbine in the world. AIR brings together advanced brush-less alternator technology, state-of the-art carbon composite rotor blades, and exclusive built-in voltage regulation all in an elegant cast aluminum body.

Blades: The AIR marine wind turbine generator's blades are made of carbon fiber reinforced composite that twists as the turbine reaches its rated output. This twisting effect changes the shape of the blade, causing it to go into stall mode. This limits the RPM of the alternator, preventing damage in high winds.

Alternator: The AIR marine wind turbine generator's alternator is optimized to match as close as possible the energy available in the wind. It is constructed with Neodymium Iron Boron permanent magnets and is brush-less for superior performance and maintenance-free operation.

Regulation & Control Electronics: The electronics performs several functions to assure maximum output and safety for the user. The control electronics maintains a load on the alternator at all times to make sure that the turbine never over speeds, regardless of the condition of the battery. As the battery is charged, the sophisticated regulator periodically checks the line, correcting for voltage loss and monitoring charge rate. Once the battery has reached its optimum charge level the regulator shuts the current off preventing the battery from being overcharged, then the blades slow to a silent spin, also preserving bearing life. When the batteries again need charging, the turbines electronics automatically release the brake and allow the amps to flow!

"I was able to operate all of the equipment aboard my 40 ft. (12 m) sailboat including (with inverter) a microwave, coffee pot, bread maker, TV and VCR, toaster as well as 12 volt system radio, radar, lights, loran and refrigerator. The AIR marine wind turbine generator was my only source of recharging aside from occasional engine motoring. -Jim Brown, Captain - Time Traveler

Simple To Use:

  • Automatic Regulation And Operation
  • As Convenient As A Solar Panel
  • Can Be Installed In A Few Hours
  • Only Two Moving Parts
  • Requires No Maintenance
  • Only 13 Lbs.
Model Description Voltage Price Buy Online
AIRMXI-12 AIR Marine Wind Turbine Generator 12 Volt $1072  Add to Cart!
AIRMXI-24 AIR Marine Wind Turbine Generator 24 Volt $1072  Add to Cart!
TOW-HW-KIT Air Marine Turbine Generator Hardware Kit - $249  Add to Cart!
AVO13 Replacement Blades Turbine   $156  Add to Cart!


Stop Switch / Circuit Breaker   24 Add to Cart!
NOSECONE Replacement Nose Cone   $56 Add to Cart

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Please add $24 if you would like Stop switch / 60 amp circuit breaker kit **This interlocked pair of 60 amp circuit breakers protect wind generator to battery wiring and allows you to safely turn off the wind generator for servicing.

The AIR Marine Wind Turbine Generator comes with a 3 year warranty.

AIR Marine 403 Wind Turbine Generator Specifications

Rotor Diameter:
46" (1.14 meters)
13 lbs (6 kg)
1.5" (1.9" O.D.) SCD 40 pipe (47 mm O.D.)
Start up wind speed:
6 knots (2.7 m/s)
12, 24 and 48 volts (Inquire for others.)
400 watts at 24 knots (12.5 m/s)

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