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Dryer Vent Air Seal - 289W
Saves Up To 10% On Energy Bills - Pays For Itself In Months
As seen in Handyman Magazine Dec/Jan 2008 issue

Dryer Vent Air Seal - 289W
Dryer Vent Dimensions:
7.5 x 7.5 x 14.5
(length x width x height)

Dryer Vent Air Seal 289W Front View

On conventional dryer vents, outside air enters your home through the exposed dryer vent, which means higher heating bills in winter and higher cooling bills in summer. You will be amazed at how much cold air coming through your dryer vent adds to your heating bill- and how hot, muggy summer air adds to air conditioning costs.
With the Dryer Vent Air Seal - 289W you will never have to worry about these problems again - nor the problem of insects and small animals getting inside your venting ducts.
The Dryer Vent Air Seal - 289W keeps out outside air as well as birds, bugs, and rodents. It can be painted and easily mounted over a 4" vent pipe.
Dryer Vent Air Seal - 289W is designed with an air activated floating shuttle cup, which gives you a positive close when the dryer is not in use. It is easy to clean and is far superior to the common "flapper" type that often stick open with lint accumulation or freeze open in the winter.

The Dryer Vent Air Seal - 289W can be painted to match the exterior of your home. It also can be used on most low velocity fans such as a bathroom fan or range hood fan. (The Spring Kit may need to be purchased for those applications)

  • Save Up To 10% on Energy Bills

  • Guaranteed to Keep Out Birds, Snakes, Rodents & Bugs

  • Requires little air pressure

  • Easy to clean

  • Sturdy, can be painted

  • High Impact Plastic can withstand extremes in temperature

  • Installs in minutes

  • Fits standard 4" vent pipes

  • Manufacture Warranty - 1 Year

  • Spring Kit comes with easy to install instructions. Convert the Dryer Vent to work for low CFM vents such as Range Hoods,  Bathroom Vents and extended run dryer vents (over 20 ft).

Item Model Price  


Dryer Vent Air Seal - 289W - NOT FREE SHIPPING


Replacement Parts for DRY21000
SHUTTLE CUP Replacement 289W Shuttle Cup - FREE SHIPPING $8.75

COVER Replacement 289W Cover - FREE SHIPPING $8.75

ELBOW Replacement 289W Elbow - FREE SHIPPING $9.75

BODY Replacement 289W Body - FREE SHIPPING $9.75

Low Flow Conversion Kit (You will need to purchase the DRY21000 and the Spring Kit)
Convert the Dryer Vent to work for low CFM vents

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***Free Shipping offer is only valid for purchases being shipped via ground, within the continental US. All orders being returned, refused, or
mis-orders by the customer, will be charged a shipping fee. When credit is issued to the customer the cost of shipping will be deducted from the credit amount. Shipping charges will apply to special orders, specialty items and wholesale orders.

Dryer Vent Air Seal - DRY21000Dryer Vent Air Seal - 289W


Insert the smooth edge of the plastic elbow into the bottom of the plastic vent body.

Remove the old hood and flapper of the existing dryer vent by removing screws or cutting with hacksaw blade. Clean lint accumulated in tube through wall.

Place the flat portion of the elbow on the wall, lining up holes in wall and elbow. Mount the vent in a vertical position as shown below. Secure the 4 screws (provided) through the top bracket of vent and flat portion of elbow.

Paint with water base paint, if desired.

Remove the vent lid periodically and clean out any lint build-up, which may restrict free movement on the floating member.
Additional Installation Instructions

Download Energy Saving Test Results (PDF)

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