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 Maha MH-C777 Universal Charger / Conditioner Frequently Asked Questions:
Primary Sensor Function -dV (Negative Delta V) & dT
 (Delta Temp.)
Rapid Charge Rate 650mAh
Trickle Charge Rate 40mA
Discharge Rate 400mA
Voltage Supported 4.8V, 6V, 7.2V, 8.4V, 9.6V, 12V
Auto voltage sensing.
Overcharge Protection Safety Timer
Charge Time Charge listed battery packs with-in 1hour to 3 hours

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am having trouble conditioning/discharging my battery pack. The green LED only shows for a few seconds and then goes back to the charging mode. Is there something wrong with the charger?

No. This is a very common difficulty. Some modern battery packs feature a diode protection at the "charging contacts", the metal contacts usually located at the bottom or back of the battery pack for drop-in chargers. The diode protection will prevent the drawing of power and thus hinder the conditioning sequence. To solve this problem, simply switch to the "radio contacts" (the metal contacts located usually at the top or front of the battery pack for radio use). The radio contact can be used for both charging and discharging. 

Q: My battery pack features more than two sets of contacts. How do I distinguish the positive from the ground?

First, check the "scale system diagram" at the back of your manual. It tells you the pin position relative to the scale behind. If your battery pack is not listed, then some trial-and-error is required. The best tool to do this is a digital multimeter. When you get a high, positive voltage, then you have found the right contacts. However, if you cannot find any significant voltage, then your battery packs voltage reading is blocked the one-way diode. The charger, on the other hand, has the ability to determine contacts, even though your meter cannot read it. Simply try different combination of contacts on your battery pack with the charging pins. When the appropriate contacts are located, the charger would initiate the charging sequence.

Q: The charger seems to charge in a few minutes, and the initial voltage indication shows a lower voltage Is something wrong with the charger?

This problem is usually caused by the battery pack. This situation occurs when your battery pack is "over-discharged", meaning you have drawn power from the battery pack too long. To temporarily solve this problem, you can charge first for about 10 minutes. Then, remove the battery pack and put is back again. To solve the source of the problem, observe the following. Most modern radios have low voltage protection. When the proper indication shows on the radio, remove the battery pack immediately in order to charge and preserve long life for your battery pack.

Q: I have a "battery case" that consists of 4 to 6 rechargeable AA NiCD/NiMH battery cells. Can I charge via the MH-C777?

Although the MH-C777 is not designed particularly for charging individual battery cells, this can be accomplished. First of all, it is recommended that you obtain a clip-lead, part number MHS-CW4, that can interface with the charger and your battery case. When charging, make sure all batteries are in equal state. This means they must be the same model, brand, capacity, chemistry, and voltage. A mix cell may cause extreme damage. In addition, in order to prolong the life of your battery cells, charge batteries from the same electronic device. Another words, do not mix two batteries from your remote control, another two from a toy, and another two from your radio. They must be in equal state. In addition, the conditioning feature is suggested in this arrangement.

Q: Is there anyway, using the MH-C777, to analyze the capacity of the battery pack?

Yes! Although the MH-C777 does not feature a capacity display feature, you can find it mathematically. The charger's discharge current is about 400mA +/- 50mA. So measure the discharge current first. Then, count the total hours required to discharge the battery pack. Finally, multiply that by the initial charging current. For example, you discharged a battery pack at 400mA for 3 hours. This would indicate a capacity of 1200mA.

Basic Features
Q: The MH-C777 beeps continuously whenever I insert my battery pack. What should I do?

The continuous beep indicates a reverse polarity on the charger. Simply flip the "polarity switch" and reinsert battery pack to reinitialize charging sequence.

Q: What particular lighting arrangement would indicate a full charge?

When the charge is completed, you will hear a long beep. In addition, the indicator should only show the rightmost red LED.

Q: When I discharge my battery pack, the charger becomes very hot. Is this normal?

Yes. While discharging the internal load is absorbing all energies and eventually released as heat. Between discharge / charge cycles, allow sufficient time for cooling.

Q: What is the warranty?

This product is covered by Maha's One Year Limited Warranty.

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