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Electrical Power Consumption Table
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The figures in this table are approximate.

The actual power consumption of your household appliances may vary significantly from the figures in this chart. Before you do a final load calculation for your household, we strongly recommend checking the tags and owners manuals for your appliances to get precise figures. A clamp-on ammeter will also measure your amperage draw. A digital multi-meter  and clamp-on type ammeters are helpful tools to know where your power is being used. Even if you are not producing your own power, these meters are essential diagnostic tools.

Multiply the hours used on the average day by the wattage listed below. This will give you the watt hours consumed per day. Remember that some items, such as garage door openers, are used only for a fraction of an hour or minute per day. A 300 watt item used for 5 minutes per day will only consume 25 watt hours per day.

Where a range of numbers are given, the lower figure often denotes a technologically newer and more efficient model. Items marked (n/a) would normally be replaced by non-electric equivalents in homes using alternative energy systems.


Watts/Hour Appliance


Coffee Pot 200 Garage door opener 350
Coffee Maker 800 Ceiling fan 10-50
Toaster 800-1500 Table fan 10-25
Popcorn Popper 250 Electric blanket 200
Blender 300 Blow dryer 1000
Microwave 600-1500 Shaver 15
Waffle Iron 1200 Waterpik 100
Hot Plate 1200 Well Pump (1/3-1 HP) 480-1200
Frying Pan 1200 Computer:  
Dishwasher 1200-1500 Laptop 20-50
Sink waste disposal 450 PC 80-150
Washing machine:   Printer 100
Automatic 500 Typewriter 80-200
Manual 300 Television:  
Vacuum cleaner:      25" color 150
Upright 200-700 19" color 70
Hand 100 12" black and white 20
Sewing machine 100 VCR 40
CD player 35 CB radio 5
Iron 1000 Stereo 10-30
Clothes dryer:   Clock radio 1
Electric NA 4000 AM/FM auto cassette player 8
Gas heated 300-400 Satellite dish 30
Heater:   Electric clock 3
Engine block NA 150-1000 Radiotelephone:  
Portable NA 1500 Receiver 5
Waterbed NA 400 Transmitter 40-150
Stock tank NA 100 Lights:  
Furnace blower 300-1000 100 watt incandescent 100
Air conditioner NA:   25 watt CF 25
Room 1000 50 watt DC incandescent 50
Central 2000-5000 40 watt DC halogen 40
Electric mower 1500 13 watt DC CF 13
Hedge trimmer 450 Compact fluorescent  
Weed eater 500 Incandescent equivalents:  
1/4" drill 250 40 watt equivalent 11
1/2" drill 750 60 watt equivalent 13
1" drill 1000 75 watt equivalent 20
9" disc sander 1200 100 watt equivalent 25
3" belt sander 1000 Refrigerator/Freezer:  
12" chain saw 1100 20 cu. ft. (AC) 1411
14" band saw 1100 16 cu. ft. (AC) 1200
7-1/4" circular saw 900 Freezer:  
8-1/4" circular saw 1400 15 cu. ft. (Upright) 1240
    15 cu. ft. (Chest) 1080

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