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Servel Gas / Kerosene Refrigerators
AGA Approved.

Servel Propane or Kerosene Refrigerator

This European made refrigerator has been
Redesigned for the American market.

Reversible doors, extra insulation, exterior drain, adjustable and removable shelves, interior light (battery operated), contemporary design.

Free electric back-up power. Dual electric and gas thermostats ensure efficient operation with either fuel. Smooth, molded steel cabinet with rust-proof enameled finish and designer beveled edges.

Easy non-electric push-button lighting. (No matches needed!) No corners to trap dirt and bacteria. Safety shut-off and American Gas Association approval.

These high quality appliances require no electricity. Ideal for use in remote cabins or cottages, on the farm or ranch, or for emergency back-up situations.


Description Price  
RGE400 Servel Liquid Propane
Gas Refrigerator White

RK400 Kerosene Model $1780

The absorption-type cooling system is quiet and dependable, with no compressor or other moving parts to wear out.

The easy-to-clean all-white interior features adjustable, removable shelves and door bins for stocking flexibility, plus two vegetable crispers and a battery powered interior light.

The freezer compartment has a three-position adjustable shelf. Both reversible doors have easy-to-use handles. Covered exterior controls include manual ignition, thermostat and fuel selector.

Propane and Natural Gas models can be operated on AC electricity if desired, but are not energy efficient operated in this fashion (using almost 4000 watt-hours per day). Choose almond or white exterior finish with designer beveled edges.

LP gas consumption is approximately 8 gallons per month.
Gas use approximately 6.6 to 9.5 lb. per week.
Maximum burner output 1500 BTU.
Dimensions are :
63 1/2" high
23" wide
26 1/2" deep

Internal capacity is 5.3 Cubic Feet for the refrigerator section and 2.7 Cubic Feet for the freezer unit.
Refrigerators should be vented when installed in cabinets or well insulated air tight homes. Through the wall venting kits are available. AGA Approved.

Servel Propane or Kerosene Refrigerator
Kerosene Model

Kerosene model details
The Servel Kerosene model has the same appearance except 7 inches higher to allow space for a 2.5 gallon fuel tank and brass burner.

Total capacity: 8.0 cu. ft.*
Shelf space: 11.55 sq. ft.
Freezer cap: 1.6 cu. ft.
Freezer shelves: 3.78 sq. ft.
Dimensions: 70 1/2"H x 23"W x 26 1/2"D
Fuel use: 1.5 to 1.75 gal/wk
Max burner output: 2200 Btu
Weight: 230 lb

Clearances required from combustible surfaces:
Top: 16"
Side: none required
Rear: none required
Bottom: none required

*AGA-approved figure gives the actual amount of usable food storage space. Because electric refrigerators are permitted to overstate capacity" it is comparable to a 10 cubic foot electric refrigerator.

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