composting toilet, backyard compostercomposting toilet, backyard compostercomposting toilet, backyard compostercomposting toilet, backyard composter


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Composting Toilets

composting toilet, backyard composter

Residential Composting Toilets

Sun-Mar is the only composting toilet company to have systems produced in an ISO-9002/QS 9000 certified production facility. This essentially means that Sun-Mar is officially committed to quality and making the best product that it possibly can. Self Contained or centrally located composting chambers (Centrex). Low Flush or Dry Toilets.

composting toilet, backyard composter

Mobile Composting Toilets - Marine / RV

Waterless and One Pint Flush Models specifically designed for Boats, RVs and Motor Homes. Sun -Mar composting toilet are safe, economical, quick to install and easy to use. The Sun-Mar composting toilet produces no pollutants.

composting toilet, backyard composter

Compost Toilet Mulch - 10 Pound Bag

Maximize performance with Sun-Mar's Exclusive hemp/peat moss sterile mix.

ComSure retains moisture while maintaining good porosity so liquid can drain through the compost - leaving free air space (oxygen) behind. This helps to mechanically break up the compost and provides a good source of carbon; essential for efficient composting

CompSure       Sterile Composting Mixture $17 Add to Cart!
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