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Great Gift Ideas at Great Prices

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Solar Color Changing LED Pond Light

Solar LED Pond Light

The Solar Pond Light is an attractive solar powered light that is housed
in a waterproof case making it the perfect way to add a soft glow to
the water's surface, or anywhere placed.

Hanging Solar Globe Light

  • Instant Outdoor Tree Decorating
  • Energy Saving LED Lighting Unit
  • Illuminates Automatically During Darkness
  • Decorative Ornaments by Day, Tree Lights by Night
  • No Electricity Required - No Wiring
  • Static decals for all season use - removable/reusable


Floating Globe Solar Lights

These festive solar powered globe lights add beauty and magic to your garden, patio, pool or pond.

The light seems to have no visible power source because the solar panel is cleverly mounted inside the frosted globe.

Terracotta Solar Cascade

  • Solar Panel & AC Adapter Included
  • Frost Proof
  • Operates in direct sunlight
  • Multi fixing panel holder
  • Low voltage water pump with filter
  • 16 feet of cable to solar panel


Great Gift Ideas at Great Prices

DC Cordless/Rechargeable Multi-Function Light and Fan

  • Recharges in Your Vehicle or Home with Included AC and DC Charging Cords
  • 360 Adjustable Position Fluorescent Lantern
  •  2-Speed Fan
  • Search Light and Blinker
  • Low Battery and Charge Indicator
  • UL/CSA Approved AC Charger
  • CE Certified


Great Gift Ideas at Great Prices

AC/DC Rechargeable Krypton Flashlight

  • Recharges in your Vehicle or Home
  • Uses a Krypton Bulb - 70% brighter than regular bulb
  • Never Needs Batteries
  • Turns on automatically during power failures when plugged into it's AC Charging Mount
  • 90 degree Rotating Head


Great Gift Ideas at Great Prices

Multi-Band Radio Solar / Dynamo Flashlight

  • Fully Rechargeable - AC and DC Chargers Built In
  • AM / FM / SW / TV Bands
  • 6 Way Power
  • Manufactured with Sony Components
  • Lifetime Warranty on Solar Panel
  • FCC Approved